Thursday, April 30, 2009

make em say WOW

na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

saw these as i walking thru wal-mart...


I love pizza just like most everyone else but recently i had some of the most amazing pizza ive ever had!
YES! we all agree NYC pizza is the best pizza in the world, but this pizza was just AMAZING!

Im not a huge fan of thin crust pizza, but this joint had buffalo sauce instead of pizza sauce, avacado, parsley, garlic, of chesse and artichoke hearts...


When TIGHT pants are too TIGHT...

As my dude Termanology would say "tight pants are for girls"


Now being a DJ getting requests is normal, getting stupid requests is expected, & getting handed notes is the best! But this night at CLUB BLISS, this note was handed to me...

now looking at this note im sure a few things come to your mind...

1) wtf is that?
2) are you kidding me?
3) who the fuck gave you that?

with that being said, it was handed to be by a man no less than 75-80 years old!
now as the night progressed i was thinking to myself a few things...

1) this has to be a joke
2) im gettng punked
3) this has to be a joke

i was wrong about all 3, he was for really reals!
so i proceed down his check list of requests to see if i can accomadate...
walk it out ok i got that
break a leg? i think he was refering to the STANKY LEG
mrs officer ok check
got a hand clap ok no prob
he got me on the "ride with me hide with me joint" that could be anything
and juve "back that ass up" classic club joint, done

as the night proceeded i played NONE of thge songs he requested just to see what the next move would be...

with about 10 min left in the night, old man withers came up to me like a bat out of hell and threw his arms up in the air like "WTF YOU DIDNT PLAY ANY OF MY SONGS" i was buggin out like damn he waited all night to hear his shit and i passed him off as a joke! so the good spirited man i am, i played ALL of his songs for the last 10 mins and he danced his ass off like it was his last night on earth, i have yet to see him back at the club


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When you spell Hip-Hop...

The H is ALWAYS Capital!

Its the 4th Volume of my ever so popular mixtape series, with the not so POPular sound.

shout out to my man TERMANOLOGY , who hosted the joint for me!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Saturday, February 7, 2009

whatcha got?

Normally when I go to a social gathering, im not a big drinker, but when I do drink I will have a beer. Usually the house special or ANYTHING out of the ordinary. I attended a gathering earlier this month, & I prompted the bartender for "The weirdest beer you got" and this was what presented to me...

as my blank stare pierced the bottle, i began to endulge...

not bad at all!!! this was at LUMPYS DOWNTOWN SLC,UT